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What Is Automotive Key Cutting And Why Do You Need It?

Automotive key cutting is a method of car key duplication. A precise and high-end machine is used to cut metal according to your car’s key code. To cut a car key effectively, you need a lot of things.

Rather than trying to cut these keys yourself, we recommend you contact a professional locksmith who has the equipment, knowledge, and skills to do it efficiently and accurately.

You may question why you should choose a car locksmith Chicago, IL, for this job. Key cutting is the expertise of a locksmith, who has done it for several people previously. They will ensure you get sturdy and well-built keys that are sure to last for a long time without needing repairing.

Types Of Different Automotive Keys

  • Mechanical Key

The key fits inside the ignition barrel to start the car and also opens the door manually. This type of key is often less secured and, thus, through these advancing times, not preferred as such.

Locksmiths do automotive key cutting in two ways. The traditional method is mechanical key cutting. Recent keys are being laser-cut.

  • Mechanical Key Cutting

Many people still use the traditional method of automotive key cutting.The most common way to use this mechanism is to insert an original key into the vice near the guide and a key blank in the vice near the cutting wheel.

This machine then proceeds to cut out a duplicate key with ease. Making a pattern with a key edge. Carving keys for drawers, locks, and locks is a similar technique to that used by locksmiths. It also makes it easy to duplicate keys and hence poses a security risk.

  • Laser Key Cutting

The automotive industry is advancing technologically at a rapid rate. Thus, it is adopting the most modern security systems to meet the stringent demand of enhanced security requirements.

Most of the latest locksmiths have started adopting this method of automotive key cutting as it enhances security and protection and is not easy to replicate. The laser technology cuts the metallic shaft.

This type of key also usually has a transponder chip that automates the car’s unlocking system. Laser keys offer several security advantages, including that their lock cylinders are more challenging to pick than traditional ones.

  • Remote Control Key

All the latest cars come with a remote control key to unlock the cars and disable the alarm system’s built-in alarm system. Commonly these use a radio transmitter to send a coded signal to a receiver on the vehicle and powered by batteries.

  • What to do if your key stops working?

Firstly, check whether the battery is still working and if there have been any interruptions in the radio frequency wave path. If neither of these is the issue, use the traditional metallic key that comes with it to unlock your door. Vehicles with a keyless entry system also have hidden locks to open your car door, which is mentioned in the car manual. You may then end up needing an automotive key cutting service and get a new key.

  • Coded Electronic Chip Key

These are automated keys usually having to be inserted into the ignition to start the car but may also work without. They are the most secure form of keys. There are several types of coded electronic chip keys, including:

  • Transponder Key

This type of key comes with a chip possessing a code that, if read and identified by the vehicle, grants access to it.

  • Master Key System

This is a single key that grants you access to all the locks you have it cut out for. It is also used to program a new or replacement key for the car. These have become less common nowadays, considering data regarding reprogramming can be stored in a central database that can give access and information regarding how you need to reprogram the car.

  • Rolling Codes

This is a type of transponder, but it has constantly changing codes.

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