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Crime In Chicago and Keeping Your Home Safe

Entry Door Locks:

Chicago, IL, is a rather large city, with a combined statistical area population of almost 10 million people, which consists of families, students, professionals, immigrants, and blue-collar workers alike. Chicago is a melting pot of people and you’ll find all walks of life coming together in the city. It acts as an international hub for the United States in several key sectors including finance, commerce, education, technology, entertainment, and telecommunications. We are the best front door locks providers in IL.

It is also a major transportation hub for the country, having the largest number of federal highways; being the nation’s railroad hub, and is home to one of the busiest airports in the world, O’Hare International Airport. Chicago, IL, also boasts a pretty strong economy. It is headquarters to several Fortune 500 companies like Caterpillar, Kraft Heinz, United Airlines Holdings, Boeing, Walgreens, and Sears. The area enjoys one of the world’s highest GDPs, amounting to almost $700 billion in 2018.

Despite its importance on the national and international stage, Chicago also holds a reputation for being one of the most dangerous cities in America. With a crime index rating of 7 (meaning it is safer than only 7% of other cities in America); the area sees its fair share of crime. So far this year, there have been more than 7000 incidents of burglary and 6000 incidents of robbery. While one should always contact the authorities when such an incident takes place; it goes a long way if one takes safety precautions themselves.

Home Security Maintenance

Considering the fast-paced lifestyle of Chicago, IL, you need to be on top of your game at all times. This should be the same approach when it comes to your home’s security. So whether it’s entry door locks or a state-of-the-art home security system, you need to be more vigilant. While you don’t need to worry about what brand of home door locks you’ll be installing; you do need to make sure they meet the minimum security standards expected in such a high-crime area. When it comes to locks, you should be looking at ANSI (American National Standards Institute) or UL (Underwriter Laboratories) ratings. The better the rating, the more secure your lock will be.

It should be noted that no lock is unbreakable. But a higher rating ensures that a lot more time and effort goes into breaking or picking such a lock. This is the case with high-security entry door locks; which are found to have some of the highest ANSI and UL ratings. The assumption is that anyone attempting to break into your house wouldn’t deem it worth such time and effort; in most cases that becomes true. Intruders have the mindset of going in and out as fast as possible and if a lock adds significant time to their attempt; they would choose another target to improve their chances.

Install Home Security System – Entry Door Locks

Some people go beyond just entry door locks and also install home security systems. Home security systems are a great option for both apartments and houses, but one can still get away with apartment living using just high-security entry door locks to keep burglars and intruders at bay. Most robberies in Chicago, IL, occur in neighborhoods where houses are spaced out and there are multiple entry and exit points. If you live in such a house, you should consider an intruder alarm at the very least. However, with today’s technology, you can find amazing equipment to help keep your home safe. Keyless entry and mobile surveillance systems have allowed families to increase the security of their homes and monitor everything from their handheld devices.

Sometimes the equipment isn’t the problem, but rather the person installing the equipment. It’s very hard to find a reliable locksmith nowadays and with the Coronavirus pandemic still going strong, going to a busy commercial area and finding a locksmith isn’t exactly the best option either. Furthermore, there’s no surety that a single locksmith would be proficient enough to install both your high security door locks and home security system. A mobile locksmith could be a good option to exercise for such a task.

Luckily, Chicago is home to a few decent mobile locksmith companies, like M & N Locksmith, who offer diverse services. Unlike their conventional counterparts, mobile locksmith companies deploy a network of locksmiths across the city and they tend to employ technicians who are proficient with all manner of lock-and-key equipment and home security systems. The objective is to provide a one-stop-shop solution, regardless of whether the customer is in need of a residential, commercial, or vehicular locksmith solution.

Call Our Top-notch Mobile Locksmiths

Moreover, mobile locksmiths like M & N Locksmith tend to offer long service hours, sometimes even 24-hour service. In a city as fast-paced as Chicago, IL, where you’ll find students with classes and odd jobs and working professionals who aren’t available from 8 to 7, 24-hour service, for something as vital as a locksmith, is a blessing. Finally, mobile locksmiths also offer better prices, especially when you consider the added convenience. You’d be calling a number and an expert would be at your doorstep. You’d avoid going into public, keeping yourself safe from the COVID pandemic, and can ensure the job is done at a time of your choosing.

These mobile locksmith companies are also much more reliable. Not only are they a new concept, meaning they need to be more vigilant about their work and be accountable for it, but they are also registered entities. This means they are subject to a much higher standard of conducting business and consumer protection laws. This results in a service that is reliable and, above all, secure. We’ve all heard of horror stories where someone hired a technician, only to find the expert was complicit in a robbery at the same house a few days later. Mobile locksmith companies focus significantly on the background of their personnel and customer care, which includes after-service support.

So, remember, whether you go with just entry door locks or a state-of-the-art home security system, it’s best to have the job done by a professional who is reliable, registered, and, most importantly, someone you can call in case of a problem.

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