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Considering installing a new front door lock?

Security is the number one priority for all homeowners. Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their home; especially if they have children. Having decent front door locksmith Chicago il is the first line of defense against criminals. You are less likely to be the target of criminal activity if your home is safe. If you’re ready to install a new lock but unsure of which lock would be best for your needs? Here is a simple, friendly guide on the different locks to consider.

Knob locks

Knob locks are a common type of front door lock, everyone is familiar with them and the spherical shape that they possess. To open the door, you need to twist the knob and push open the door.

These locks often have a knob on each side, one side has the keyhole where you need to place the key to unlock the door; the other side contains the lock. Knob locks can be used on different doors inside and outside the home, like the patio or door. The downfall with these locks is while they are affordable and easy to install, they can be broken easily with a weapon like a hammer or a screwdriver. If you like the look of the knob locks, then it is recommended by professional locksmiths to install some other security defense. Of course, as a backup.

Considering installing a new front door lock M&N Locksmith Chicago IL

The lever handle door locks

The type of lever handle front door locks chicago il is similar to the knob lock with more stylish designs; however, they have the same low-security level as the knob locks. People like this type of handle due to the ease of opening them when your hands are full, or you are juggling children. There are a few of these locks that you don’t need to use a key for; instead, you just push a button. Breaking and dismantling the locks is easy with a bit of force; the right tools that all criminals have in their back pocket is good enough.

Deadbolt locks

When talking, cost-effectiveness, and durability, deadbolt locks are the type of front door locks chicago il that you want to be installed. These locks are incredibly secure and are often used on front and back doors at homes and businesses. These locks work by sliding into the door slot with a metal bolt that is controlled inside the door with a latch. There is a keyhole on the exterior side, which allows for the door to be locked and unlocked from the outside. This type is most secure and difficult to manipulate from the exterior. You can open the lock from the inside by using the thumb turn. In terms of security and protection, the deadbolt outweighs the lever handle locks and knob locks, significantly.

Electronic keypad locks

The electronic keypad locks are great front door locks Chicago il that get controlled by passwords and number keypads. You need to put in the right password; or code for the door to unlock. These locks do have a high price tag than what we have previously talked about, but they are the most secure. The keypads cannot be dissembled easily, so it adds a higher level of security to your home.

When is the right time to change door locks?

Installing locks on your home is a positive step towards securing your home. While this is a good plan, you shouldn’t stop there. People don’t often think about changing their locks; with life being busy, we tend to overlook this and forget.

When you have moved house

When you have moved into a new home, there isn’t any need to change the locks if they are already working correctly, is there? There certainly is! You don’t know if the previous owners gave all the keys to you if they still own a copy or ended up giving a copy to someone else. It is a responsible and common practice to change the locks when you are moving into another house. Make sure all locks are changed, including patio door locks.

When you suffer a break-in

When you have suffered a break-in, you need to call the authorities first; ensure everyone at the home is safe. While this is a traumatic experience, it is important to stay focused and think about how to prevent the same thing from happening again. After a break-in, you need to contact Commercial Locksmith Chicago IL and organize to have your locks changed. If your front door locks Chicago il has been manipulated, it has automatically weakened the reliability of the locking system.

When you lose a set of keys

When you realize that you have lost your car keys, you need to change the locks asap. It can be easy to brush it off and think they will turn up eventually, but this can do more harm than good. You never know if someone has taken them and duplicated them and returned them, so you are none the wiser. You need to put your safety first. If you frequently lose keys and don’t want to get new locks each time; consider getting a keyless security system installed to remove the use of keys altogether.

The locksmith can go over your options and show you how each lock works to give you an idea of what is suitable for you and your needs. A rough quote can be given for lock installations and repairs with plenty of time allowed for you to go away and make an informed decision of which solution you want to go for.

Looking for some advice, call your local locksmith, who is always happy to answer any queries or concerns you may have about your home or business security.

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