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Installing High Security Door Locks In Chicago Is A Good Idea

Chicago is undoubtedly a great city. Whether it’s the economics of the city as a commercial and financial hub for the entire country or the entertainment value it offers; with media and sports playing a predominant role in the city. It is home to almost 2.5 million people with another 7 million living in its greater and metropolitan areas. Students, working professionals, and blue-collar workers fill its streets and people from all around the world have found their home in Chicago, IL.

However, the city has its problems and crime is one of them. Both businesses and homes have suffered from more than 7000 incidents of robbery and 6000 incidents of burglary in the year 2020 alone. With the COVID pandemic still soaring and affecting the livelihoods of thousands of people in the city, it’s no surprise this is happening. As such, families and businesses need to take better measures to protect themselves. One way of doing so is the usage of high security door locks.

High security door locks are a bit different from your regular home door locks. Using heavy-duty material and more complex lock mechanisms, high security door locks provide increased resistance to breach or compromise. These locks are not undefeatable, but they do make it rather expensive and time-consuming for any potential intruders. Many manufacturers will advertise their locks as high-security locks, but you need to be smarter. The only way to tell if a lock is a high-security lock; is by checking the security rating of the lock.

High Security Door Locks

Another advantage of high-security door locks, especially to businesses; is that they can be customized according to the requirements of any given business. Moreover, if your security is at risk after losing a key; then you won’t have to spend on a whole new lock system and can just rekey the locks. The keys to high security door locks are also very difficult (almost impossible) to replicate. The keys for such locks are patented and the design wouldn’t be such that any key maker could copy it.

Coming to the makeup of high security door locks. They’re above and beyond what you find with everyday entry door locks. High-security locks will have much more complex lock cylinders, making it more difficult for intruders to pick the lock. Reputable manufacturers use heavier and more durable metals in the makeup of their high-security locks. Moreover, there won’t be any wide gaps or plastic components. The lock’s bolts will also be composed of solid steel. They can withstand significant force. This makes for a lock that would be highly resistant to blunt-force attacks.

Suffice it to say, high-security door locks greatly increase the security of any premises they have them. If affordability isn’t an issue, one should consider replacing all entry door locks with high-security locks. In a city like Chicago, where the crime rate is so high, especially with incidents of robbery and burglaries; high-security locks make for a great deterrent. Installing these locks correctly, however, will let one get the most out of them. Some locksmiths don’t have the proper equipment or experience with high-security locks, and one mistake could end up costing you dearly.

Why You Should Install High Security Door Locks?

As such, it is vital that you hire someone who is proficient with such equipment. Mobile locksmith companies are a great option, especially in a city like Chicago. Mobile locksmith companies don’t operate out of a single workshop and manage to provide their services across the entire city through a network of professionally trained experts. Such experts would be able to install a high-security lock with relative ease. M & N Locksmith is one such example where an incredibly proficient team of experts is offering its services for both commercial and residential clients.

In fact, these mobile expert companies can go a long way in improving your home or office security. Corporate culture and increased competition force these companies to offer a vast range of services; all of which are maintained in terms of quality. One such service that stands out is a security survey, whereby a team will assess your premises and find all the security loopholes. They will then suggest measures you can implement to make your premises as secure as possible. These companies also tend to stock up on the latest security equipment so they can move on to installation right away if you choose to opt for their services.

Advantages Of Mobile Locksmith

The biggest advantage of using a mobile service is convenience. You won’t need to worry about driving to a locksmith’s workshop for something as trivial as key replacement or even to book an appointment for something that requires the locksmith to be on-site, like the replacement of home door locks. You just call the company and an expert will come to your location. This is a big advantage considering the current COVID pandemic as well. Going to a locksmith’s workshop, which will most likely be in a commercial space, and into a workshop where other people will undoubtedly be, could be risky, and the likelihood of infection increases. Mobile companies take that risk away and would also follow social distancing guidelines when they’re at your location performing the job.

Hire Our Top-notch Team

Finally, mobile companies offer services that are reliable and safe. We’ve all heard stories of locksmiths being complicit in robberies at homes they had recently worked at. As registered corporations, mobile companies will go the extra mile to ensure each and everything they do is in accordance with the law and the best business standards in the industry. What you end up with is a reliable service that you can track. Also, with increased competition, mobile expert companies like M & N Locksmith focus on every aspect of their business, including customer care and after-service support. You can be confident that your locksmith won’t abandon you if something bad happens with the work that is already complete.

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