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Are you thinking of changing your locks or having key issues with your home? Maybe even with your car or with your business shop? Then you should, without a doubt, give us a call. M&N Locksmith Chicago is one of the best, if not the best, option you can find. By going with your local M&N Locksmith Chicago, you will have a professional service that no other locksmith in our area of service will be able to match. We have a large amount of returning clients who call us whenever an issue arises. This, we believe, is something to be proud of. Not only does that make us proud. We believe this makes M&N Locksmith Chicago be the team you may need when trouble happens.

Our trained locksmiths can:

In which situations should you call a locksmith to install hardware?


Let’s say you move into a new house or want to install hardware to improve the security of your house? You should call us! We can even repair re-key locks. We specialize in the hardware installation of residential locks.

We are happy to inform you that we use the best locks there are in our industry. We have quality products for our clients. We like to think of the clients as part of the M&N Locksmith Chicago family, so we treat them with the best possible service. Imagine you let yourself locked out of your house because your key got lost o it gets broken by some accident. What would you do? Break a window or the door? Please don’t panic and call us. We will make your problem a priority to us and send a locksmith who will install a hardware or change any broken hardware. We are used to working with these kinds of situations, so don’t worry, we will be more than equipped to solve any issue.

If you need to install a hardware in your house, you should give us a call. It may seem easy to you, but it might be better to give us a call. Professionals are the best for this kind of job, especially if their job is to install a hardware. They are going to have all the necessary equipment to do it themselves. Our locksmith’s tools have to vary from a re-key lock kit to specialized equipment to deal with the more difficult problems.

Do consider that we give the same price for the service to install hardware and repair hardware. The price would be significantly cheaper if the locksmith has to re-key a lock as the new lock is what makes the price go up.


When should you call for a locksmith when it involves your workplace? When you move into a new storefront or a new office, it may be a good idea to install a hardware that will upgrade and update the place’s security. We specialize in installing and removing commercial lock doors.

When moving into a new commercial office or store, you might want to install hardware to be safe, but that can be expensive. All our locksmiths have a kit that will help them re-key all the locks in the storefront. Do consider that the price to re-key a lock will be much less than to install hardware.


If, by any chance, you get locked out of your car, do not try to open it without a key yourself. That would be suspicious, at least to people that see you around. It would be best if you got in touch with us. In a few minutes, one of our experts will help you with the situation. Whether it is an ignition key or other type of key, do not worry, we have your back.

You might be wanting to install a hardware such as transponder keys or a remote car key. You should know, we have both at our disposal and can help you set them up. Transponder keys are more difficult to work with, but we do anything for our customers. If we are talking about remote keys, we know how essential they are to get inside the vehicle and operate it if you lose the remote car key. We can get you a remote key replacement or a new key fob within a few hours of your call.


Whether you are locked outside and don’t have a spare key, a key has broken in the lock, or maybe even you have some issue with your vehicle key? Whatever the trouble may be, we will be there for you. We will do our best to solve this issue as fast as possible without affecting your schedule. Our professionals are trained and up to date with the best technology, there is for locks. Our team will hear your problems and will help you with a solution as fast as possible. Our professionals will be able to install the hardware that has been damaged or re-key any old locks. We will go wherever you are and give you the best support.

Our clients need us to install hardware or help them repair anything that has been damaged at all times of the day. Our professionals are available 24/7 for our clients. We have your back; we are considering your time and will treat you like family. Our emergency service has the same rates as our normal rates. We don’t pry on our customer’s misfortunes. We are here to help you with whatever lock-related problem you may have.

How Our Locksmiths Are Working Through COVID-19

We at M&N Locksmith Chicago take the security of our experts and customers serious. While we are working to install hardware to make your house safe or helping with other services, we are also working to keep you safe from Covid-19 by taking the necessary precautions.

Protective Equipment And Social Distancing

Before the pandemic, our locksmiths would come to your home to do the necessary work while you were heading to work, or maybe they let themselves into your house while you were away. With the pandemic’s current situation, you are most likely still at your place with your family. If you ever need our services and due to circumstances, you are still at your place, our locksmiths will arrive and maintain social distancing while completing their work. The team we sent to your location will do everything in their power to take preventive measures for your family, yours and his safety.

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