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Everything you need to know about key cutting

Key Cutting – Everyday house keys can be cut within a few minutes; proper locksmiths can do it even more faster. Locksmiths can cut almost every key on the market. Customers are surprised when they learn that locksmiths can also duplicate car, house, and business keys.
In the first place, Did you know that getting locked out is one of the common reasons locksmiths are called to your home or vehicle location? This is why upon leaving, locksmiths will recommend getting another key cut.

There is almost no limit of the kinds of keys that the key cutting Chicago IL team can handle; from the house and car keys; letterbox keys; master key systems; filing cabinets; mortise lock keys; some restricted keys.

Avoid cutting keys from a copy

Keys are often not in the best shape when they are brought in to be copied. Keys can wear down, which is why it’s important to have them decoded before the copies are made. A key gauge is used to determine how big the depths of the original are.

The key cutting Chicago IL professionals can duplicate keys many times but think about this. If you photocopy an original piece so many times, it will still be the same. But if you keep photocopying the copy, you are going to get a less accurate copy. The key cutting Chicago IL experts recommend only cutting from the original to ensure your duplicates are only second-generation copies.

Getting your keys cut from a professional

There are so many people out there pretending to be professional locksmiths for homes; businesses; and plenty more. These types of people are using machines that are not properly serviced. This means you are going to get duplicate keys with flaws. So they won’t last as long and will be less effective each time you use them. This is why it is best to spend a little extra and get the job done right.

 Is it possible to make a duplicate key without having the original?

Yes, it is possible to make a duplicate without having the original key. Thus, Some locksmiths don’t do this, but M&N Locksmith Chicago IL is very experienced in doing this without any problems. A professional key and locksmith Chicago IL tradesman can use a code cutter to find out the depths of the lock’s key code. This gives the locksmith all the information they need; to create the perfect match.

What can go wrong with an inexperienced locksmith?

If you get someone without the right tools and knowledge; then you run the risk of creating a duplicate key that doesn’t work or ends up causing more problems like breaking off in the lock or getting stuck.

Using the wrong blank

A key blank is just the raw material that key cutting Chicago IL locksmiths use to create a new key. Someone who isn’t experienced may end up using the wrong blank, which hasn’t been made to match a certain lock.  Key blanks have what is called a profile, which refers to the line across the bit or blade. Choosing the right blank is essential if you want to achieve a successful key duplication. Inexperienced key makers don’t have the expertise to choose from the huge range of blanks and make the right decision.
Places like hardware stores sell only the most popular blanks; this limits the possibility of getting the right blank. If the key won’t fit into the lock, this is a common sign of a wrongly used key blank.

Key has been poorly cut

If you can insert the key into the door lock but cannot turn it properly, most likely the problem is a poor cut key. Accurate key cutting comes with the right tools and experience. If you find that the key can work when it is pulled out of the lock some, then you are dealing with a key that was misaligned in the cutting machine. Also, If the key slides in right. But you cannot turn it at all, then the key was not placed into the jaw or clamps of the cutting machine.
If the key fits into the locking mechanism, but you can spin the key freely, it means the key has been cut too deeply and too shallow if the key is very stiff to turn.

Perfect Maintainance Of Machines

It is important for cutting machines to be properly maintained and serviced as this will reflect on the quality of the key cut and impact the precision. Professional locksmiths will use the latest machinery and properly maintain their equipment and tools, which will ensure accuracy. There is no point in paying for a duplicate key if it isn’t going to last you very long at all. Getting jobs done by quality locksmiths means you are guaranteed to get a product that will outlast the cheap versions from hardware stores.

Key locksmith can easily be done for so many different locks, and it saves on lockout fees from a locksmith if you already have a duplicate key. Key cutting is affordable, takes no time at all, and can save you when you are in a pickle. Leave your spare key with family, a friend, or a trusted neighbor for easy access when you need it. Unsure if you really need to get a duplicate set of keys? Talk to the professionals who deal with locks and security who will best advise you on why you might need a duplicate key.

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