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The Differences between Master and Apprentice Locksmiths

Modern locksmiths work with both traditional locks and electronic locks as well as safes and security systems. A term that you may have heard while looking for a key smith, Chicago, IL, is a master locksmith. Of course, the name suggests that the locksmith will have plenty of experience in the field, but you should know that experience is not the only criteria. In this article, we will look at what the terms master and apprentice mean when we talk about experts.

Master Locksmith

The term master locksmith is associated with experience and an affiliation with industry associations. Belonging to an industry association matters because in many cases these organizations have written and practical tests to designate someone as a master locksmith. Besides being a qualified individual, the professional also usually has all the licenses for handling different complex locking systems. And, besides practicing their craft, the masters also participate in training for handling electronic and digital locks and complex storage units.

Apprentice Locksmith

Some master locksmiths hire apprentices to help them with different services that don’t require advanced training. These apprentices receive on-job training for a period of time; after which they start by doing the basic jobs and/or the complex jobs in the supervision of the experienced professional. The types of jobs an apprentice does includes: installing locks and safety systems, making keys, picking locks that don’t have keys, general cleaning duties, etc.

Because of the practical nature of the job, training as an apprentice is a requirement. Whenever the locksmith is asked to work on a complex type of lock, the experienced hand is there to make sure thanks go correctly. In your search for a key smith, Chicago, IL, check if the service is run by a master or someone who has recently completed their apprenticeship and have started their own business.

Distribution of Work between The Two

Of course, you should also keep in mind the type of service you need. For example, if you are calling to unlock a locked vehicle or install door handles/ door chain, you can usually expect to meet an apprentice. While the job may seem complicated to you, an apprentice will have the necessary training and tools to handle it. However, this does not mean that master locksmiths limit themselves to office work and occasional checkups.

Many master locksmiths toggle between office work and mobile work. If you contact looking to install a digital or electronic lock; for instance, expect the apprentice to transfer you over to the master locksmith; who will explain the type of systems they specializing specialize in.

Importance Of Specialization in Service

Specialization is an important thing to consider, especially when you are working with a self-employed key smith, Chicago, IL. In theory, the locksmith will know about different types of locks but in practice they will probably work on certain types of locks.

The reason behind specializing is that it allows them to start work with they’re relatively lower cost: each type of locking system will need special tools. For example, you may find a locksmith who focuses on locking systems used in homes. However, this is not the always the case:

All-Rounder Services

These days, you can find all-rounder, one-stop-shop type locksmith services. These services employee master and apprentice locksmiths specializing in different areas. You can contact them to get connected with a professional for your home, office, or car. These services essentially serve as a local hub for professionals with the background and tools needed for particular locking systems.

The convenience for you is that you can have one key smith, Chicago, IL; for everything from emergency situations, installations and maintenance. At the same time, it’s important that you do some research before selecting a key maker service. Ask for recommendations from others living in the area. This is the best way to get specific information about the service from a trusted source.

When looking up the service online, take the time to read reviews. Some of those who shared their opinion may have also mentioned the specific services they used and how they found the company to be. Customer opinion will give you an insight into with what things the key smith, Chicago, IL, does best.

Always At Your Service

In terms of the services available, you can expect your  expert to offer you a wide range of services going beyond opening locks and safes.  Many locksmiths can assist you with picking the right type of lock as well.

Whether you are looking for a locking system for your home or business, you will likely find ta range of digital and electronic locks in the market. A professional will know the pros and cons of different locking systems and also the best manufacturers of a particular type of lock. They will help you go past the shiny marketing and look into the nuts and bolts (no pun intended) of what’s on offer. Besides locking systems, you can also rely on your key smith, Chicago, IL, to assist you in selecting and installing alarm systems and security systems.

After reading about the services on offer online, if you are unsure who will be handling your project, ask them the question when you are talking about price and references. A reputable expert should have no issues in sharing this information with you.

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