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Before M&N began operating, accessing reliable locksmithing expertise in our city was always a problem, there were a considerable amount of good locksmiths, but they all lacked something. M&N Locksmith Chicago is the first locksmith Wicker Park IL service to offer a complete, unquestionable, unmistakable expertise in our community.

Locksmith Wicker Park IL – The only locksmith service you should consider

Not everyone is familiar with the fact that locks have ratings that help everyone know their capabilities. The ANSI rating help professionals and customers ascertain the strength, reliability, and usage of different locks. The lock ANSI ratings go from Grade 1 to Grade 3, with Grade 1 being the strongest, and Grade 2 being intermediate for mixed usage, and Grade 3 being the weakest and traditionally used on residential interior doors.

ANSI ratings are more complicated than this, but our explanation is a quick rundown of ANSI ratings; that being said, it’ll be in your best interest to have your very own Locksmith Wicker Park, IL. A Wicker Park locksmith will help you with a lot, including door lock cylinder maintenance, door lock replacement, door lock installation, and much more.

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Wicker Park Locksmith – Soar like an Eagle

It doesn’t matter how convoluted and extravagant your security system is; if you don’t get your door locks right, all your effort will be in vain. To put it simply, your door locks are the foundation on which the security of your business or home lies.

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to build a skyscraper; if you don’t get your foundation right, it’ll eventually crumble. Invest in the appropriate door locks for your needs today so you can join other residents of Wicker Park as we soar like eagles.

Best Door Locks – It’s relative

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been asked what the best door locks are, and we always reply with this, it’s relative. Simply put, there’s no universal perfect door lock; the locks that work in Jack’s bedroom aren’t the same locks that’ll be ideal for Sarah’s nail salon.

If you go on your favorite search engine, we’re sure that you’ll come across numerous tips and tricks to find the best door locks for you. Admittedly, some of these tips are useful, but in the end, the single best way is to contact a locksmith.

Entry Door Locks – Enter Awesomeness

Before we proceed, we feel a need to state that no doors in your home are less useful or deserve less attention; every door should be appropriately protected. That being said, we believe that you should pay particular interest to exterior doors because they’re your first and primary level of defense in the case of attacks.

Entry door locks are essential, and if you get these doors right, everything else will fall in place; and for those of us in Wicker Park, IL that are interested in improving our entry door locks, please consider reaching out to M&N Locksmith Chicago.

High-Security Door Locks – It’s time to go above and beyond

As the name implies, high-security door locks are for those serious about protecting our businesses and sometimes homes. For many commercial spaces, such door locks are a must-have, and failure to utilize them can mean dire consequences for you.

High-security door locks can also be utilized in residential spaces. Still, unless you have precious items in your home, you may want to only install such locks on exterior doors within homes.

Locksmith Wicker Park IL – Learn better to do better

There’s a lot involved with utilizing security locks that provide increased protection, and there’s only so much we can share with you in a five-minute article; for those of us that are inspired to do better, please reach out to M&N Locksmith Chicago today.


Absolutely, we believe that your locksmith Wicker Park IL should be accredited or certified by relevant bodies such as the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA). This is one of the most reliable ways to ascertain whether a locksmith is competent before doing business with them.

Yes, M&N Locksmith Chicago is a trustworthy locksmith service in not only Wicker Park, IL but the entire Greater Chicago Area. A few of the things that set them apart from the competition include but aren’t limited to professionalism, continuous training, research and development, customer service, and value delivery.

There’s no denying that padlocks are popular and useful for those of us that are frequently on the go, traveling from one place to another. We do not believe in perfect, so there’s no perfect lock type for people on-the-go, it depends on your needs and personal scenario.

You do not necessarily need a different lock type for your entry door locks; the vital thing to keep in mind is grading. That being said, there’s nothing stopping you from utilizing ANSI Grade 2 deadbolt locks as interior door locks and ANSI Grade 1 deadbolt locks as your entry door locks.

If you’re currently not making use of high-security door locks, we implore you to make the switch to such door locks as soon as possible because the level of protection that they provide you is unattainable for non-high security door locks. Here’s a fantastic idea, why don’t you contact M&N Locksmith Chicago today to learn more about how to make the switch to high-security door locks.