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Remote Car Key – Premier Car Keys Experts in Chicago

Remote car key repair and replacement can be expensive if you go to your local car dealer. At M&N Locksmith, we offer affordable prices for remote car key replacement and repairs. Our car key service is truly unparalleled.

Remote Car Key Service

At M&N Locksmith, we won’t just help you with your car key. We are a full-fledged auto key expert, and thousands of customers get auto keys made from us every year! We even deal with lock-and-key issues when there is no key as our experts are just as proficient when it comes to modern keyless entry systems. So, whether it’s a car key, a keyless entry system, a chip key, or your traditional ignition key, rest assured that we’ll have you sorted in no time.

Auto Key Locksmith Available Around The Clock

Our auto key services are available around the clock. Just call us and we’ll have an auto key locksmith at your location within minutes. If you’re a working professional and can’t get your remote car key fixed during work hours, it’s no problem. Just call us and we’ll have you sorted. Similarly, we also offer car lockout services for unfortunate times where you’ve lost your car keys while outside and can’t get into your car. Our prompt services will have you back in your car and on your way in no time. Our expertise is not just limited to car keys either. We deal in all kinds of residential, commercial, and vehicular solutions. We are proud to have served thousands of customers from different walks of life, making us one of the premier locksmiths in the city.

Auto Keys Made For A Fraction Of The Price A Dealership Charges

Instead of going to a dealership to get auto keys made or to repair your remote car key, try opting for an expert instead. Locksmiths like us use generic keys. These keys are exactly the same as the ones you would get from your dealership, with the only exception being the brand name. So, instead of paying extra and having your auto keys made from a dealership, visit us instead. Our keys are durable and made of high-quality materials, lasting for a while as breakage is unlikely!

Chip Key Calibrations On-Site For Your Convenience

As a mobile expert, we offer almost all of our expert services on-site for the customer’s utmost convenience. Taking out time to go to a locksmith to recalibrate your chip key can be trying, especially for both working professionals and full-time parents. Whether it’s a chip key calibration, a new car key, or any of our other residential, commercial, and vehicular locksmith services, rest assured we’ll be on-site to have you sorted. You don’t need to book an appointment either. Just give us a call and we’ll be there!

Ignition Key Duplication Within Minutes

All of our mobile experts are equipped with the latest equipment that a mobile locksmith would need. With the equipment we have, ignition key duplication takes mere minutes and you’ll have 10 more keys. Duplicating a car key is not as simple unfortunately especially considering that a bit of circuitry is also involved in the key’s build. However, we’ll still be able to duplicate your key with relative ease, albeit with fewer minutes to spare. And don’t worry because we’ll even visit your home for something as trivial as ignition key duplication.

Complete Key Experts In Chicago

Regardless of what type of key your car might have or whether you need help with another kind of key, you can rest easy with M&N Locksmith. We are the premier key experts in Chicago and provide complete lock-and-key solutions for all types of clients.

Remote Car Key – Q&A

Are remote car key repairs worth the cost or should I just buy a new one?

A remote car key can be expensive to repair, but it’s definitely more expensive to buy a new one. The best way to approach this is to first assess the damage to see if repairs are even possible. Then you need to figure out if repairing the key will give you the same experience as you had before. If repairing the old key isn’t worth it then can buy a new set. Also, you need to assess your budget and see what your wallet allows.

Can an auto key locksmith help me with my Mercedes Benz key?

Simply put, yes! An auto key expert will have all the equipment necessary to duplicate or repair keys, regardless of what make and model the car might be. In fact, visiting a technician will cost you a lot less than it would if you were to visit your Mercedes dealership. Such dealerships have massive overheads which they need to cover somehow and, in essence, what you’re paying extra for is the brand name being on the key. So save yourself some money and just visit a technician.

Can I get auto keys made from a mobile locksmith?

Yes, you can get auto keys made from mobile experts. At our company, we equip each and everyone one of our experts with all the tools they need to provide you whatever lock-and-key solution you’re looking for.

Do I NEED to contact the manufacturer if there is an issue with my chip key?

No! You can also have your chip key inspected by a technician, who will be just as proficient as the manufacturer. Using the manufacturer would probably even cost more.

How do I take care of my ignition key?

You should always keep your ignition key clean and away from water. This prolongs the life of the key and also keeps the ignition switch functioning properly.

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