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How to Fix a Broken Patio Door Lock

The lock on a patio door needs to be just as secure as the one on the front door because the patio is an entry route intruders use often. The damage to a lock or a lesser quality lock can open up the patio to vulnerability. There are different ways in which the door lock can get damaged over time. Being outdoors, it’s exposed to the environment and can be affected by debris. The small particles start collecting inside the lock causing it to malfunction or breakdown completely. If this has happened to you ; you’re looking for replacement patio door locks, Chicago IL, here are some things you should consider.

Types of Patio Door Locks

It may be that the door lock change you have chosen isn’t right for the level of security or there may be other, better options in the market now. When it comes to sliding patio door locks, you have a variety to choose from, including locks made of different materials and consisting of different locking systems. Here are three options you have:

Clasp Lock

This is a hook and lever system placed on the inside of the door. To slide open the door, you simply pull on the lever to release the hook. This simple lock system is widely used.

Central Rail Lock

This lock is placed on the central rail where the two sliding doors overlap. It’s a multi-locking system and the multi locking factor along with its design gives more security.

Key-operated Multi-point Lock

If you have a regular door instead of the sliding ones for your patio, then a key-operated locking system fitted with the frame of the door is an option. The multiple points help better secure the door.

Security Bars

Security bars are placed at the bottom of the sliding door and prevent it from sliding when the metal bar is put into its place. An added benefit of security bars is that it is does not come in the way of the view.

Cylinder Locks

Cylinder locks are another common type. The mechanism is operated with a key. Unfortunately, cylinder locks are not that secure so they can be an easy target for intruders. To address this issue, some companies offer a more secure system called a “Break Secure Cylinder.” Look for this type when looking for replacement patio door locks. A Locksmith Chicago, IL, may have some good recommendations for you.

While choosing a patio door lock, you should start by understanding the best offerings of different lock brand available on the market. Besides asking for recommendations, check forums and review sites for information about things like the durability and functionality options and the different accessories available with the lock. Also check the paint quality of the lock.

An important accessory for patio sliding doors is an anti-lift device. The purpose of this accessory is to stop people from removing the door from the outside. If you live in an area where break-ins are common, then using this accessory as well.

Fixing and Replacing Patio Door Locks

If the door lock isn’t working properly, you can also attempt to fix it yourself before calling a locksmith.  Start by lubricating and cleaning the patient door lock. Sometimes there is just some small dust and dirt particles interfering with the lock’s mechanism and cleaning the lock takes care of the issue.

If cleaning the door lock did not do the trick, then the problem may be the latch of the door needs to be replaced. For this, you’ll need a screwdriver to remove the latch body. Slide the latch out of its place and remove the screw at the top. After replacing the old lock with the new one, screw the latch onto the patio door.

If you have tried the basic steps and are not successful in making the lock function again, then consider consulting a locksmith specializing in replacement patio door locks. Chicago, IL locksmiths offer a variety of services, ranging from lock repair to lock replacement and safety bars. They’ll see if the lock can be fixed with some simple steps or needs to be replaced because it doesn’t work anymore.

Another reason people hire locksmiths is to replace weaker locks with better ones. If the apartment you have just moved into has minimal security of the patio doors, you may want to beef up the security with a stronger locking system. Safety bars are also an option to prevent the door from opening even slightly.

In summary, have a look around when you need replacement patio door locks. Chicago, IL, has many seasoned professionals who can help. Check the business listings of these services. The review section of the listings will give you an idea of customer happiness along with the best features of that company. Some companies will also offer emergency services for immediate repair and replacement. Use the information available to you to make an informed decision.

M&N Locksmith is a leader in the industry. We offer a complete set of services, repairing, replacing, and securing patio door locks throughout the city. Contact us today to get a quote.

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