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Door Lock Change – Types of Locks

Door locks come in a variety of shapes and sizes but one thing that’s common with all of them is that eventually they’ll need to repair or replace the lock. This is because one or more of the components is past its prime or it has been damaged by someone. There are many different reasons for a lock change. Chicago, IL, has many locksmiths that can help you with the lock change. But, before that let’s look at some of the main components of the lock that can fail.

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Lock Cylinder

The cylinder is the part of the lock that takes the key and it has many spring-loaded pins that move into position when you enter the key. If the key does not fit in perfectly because of damage to the cylinder, you won’t be able to open the lock. Locks are usually single cylinder or double cylinder. With the double cylinder lock you would need a key on both sides, whereas with a single cylinder you have a knob on one side that you can twist to open. In case of damage to the cylinder, your lock change Chicago, IL, professional will likely recommend you to change the entire lock instead of the cylinder because it will be cheaper that way in many cases.

Strike Plate

The strike plate is the name given to part of the lock that attaches the lock to the door. The plate is screwed to the door frame and it’s usually made of metal. Since the strike is just a piece of metal used to attach the lock to the door, you can easily replace it when needed.

This strike plate is also an important component of the lock in terms of security. Whether you’re installing a regular lock or smart lock, the plate will provide added protection against physical strikes such as kicks and hammers.

Bolt Lock Change

The bolt of the lock is the part that moves in and out and is engaged by the pins after of the lock. There are two types of bolts: the deadbolt and the spring bolt.

Types of Door Locks

If you’re looking to change from your current locks, here are some of the different home security locks available on the market.

Door Knob

Door knobs are one of the most widely used type of locks. The locking system is present within the knob and the lock is used by itself or in combination with another type. Door knobs aren’t very secure because they can be removed easily with a hammer.


Available as keyed and combination locks, padlocks are available in a variety of sizes. A feature of padlocks is that they are free standing. There are two types of keyed locks: the key-retaining padlock and a non-key retaining padlock. The key-retaining type requires you to keep the key in the lock while the lock is open. Padlocks are also easy to open and decode.

Rim lock

Rim cylinder locks are popular for commercial doors and also some residential properties. The locks are normally used in rim latch systems mounted on the inner part of the door. The lock’s components include a long metal piece that passes through the door and connects to the other side.

Jimmy Proof Deadbolt

Jimmy proof deadbolts are surface-mounted type of lock, so they require minimal modifications. The lock has an interlocking mechanism in which the deadbolt locks with the bracket, making it difficult to break it by force. If the lock stops working, you may be able to replace it by replacing the rim cylinder instead of a complete lock change. Residential Locksmith Chicago IL professionals can help you find a suitable deadbolt.

Smart Locks

Smart locks eliminate the need for keeping any type of regular key because they can be synced with a smart phone. But many of them also come with a keyhole so you can use them in multiple ways. There are also different types of smart locks with Bluetooth enabled ones being the most common type. The lock can automatically sense the Bluetooth device when it’s within range and unlock.

Another type is the Wi-Fi enabled lock. These are different from the Bluetooth ones because they allow you to control the lock from anywhere where there’s Wi-Fi. Yet another type is Z-Wave. The lock connects to a hub, and the hub then allows you to connect to the lock with your mobile. Of course, the Z-Wave-enabled lock needs to be within the range of the hub.

These are some of the options you have for a lock change. A Locksmith Near Me Chicago IL can guide you about the condition of your locks and which types are good replacements.

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