Locksmith Key Terms

Locksmith Key Terms” encapsulates a comprehensive lexicon essential for navigating the multifaceted realm of locksmithing. Within this domain, a myriad of specialized terminologies exists, each serving as a cornerstone in the foundation of locksmith expertise.

The situation where someone is unable to gain access to a property or vehicle due to a lost or misplaced key, malfunctioning lock, or other issues.

Lock out

The process of changing the internal pins or tumblers of a lock so that a different key can operate it, rendering old keys ineffective.


A specially designed key that can open multiple locks within a system, while each lock also has its unique key.

master key

A type of lock that cannot be moved to the open position except by rotating the key, making it more secure than spring bolt locks.


Key Duplication

The process of creating a copy of an existing key using a key cutting machine.

Transponder Key

A car key with an embedded electronic chip that sends a unique signal to the vehicle’s immobilizer system, allowing it to start.

Key Fob

A small electronic device that is used to control remote-access functions such as locking and unlocking doors, starting a vehicle, or activating an alarm system.

Key Fob

Keyless Entry

A system that allows access to a vehicle or property without the use of a traditional key, often using a keypad, card reader, or biometric scanner.

Keyless Entry

The part of a lock that contains the keyway and is turned by the key to operate the lock mechanism.


A spring-operated bolt that is engaged or released by the movement of a door handle or knob.


A metal plate installed on the door jamb to reinforce the area where a lock’s bolt or latch extends into the door frame.

Strike Plate

A decorative plate surrounding the keyhole or lock cylinder, often used for aesthetic purposes.



Small metal pins or disks inside a lock cylinder that must be aligned at the correct height to allow the lock to turn.


A tool used by locksmiths to quickly rotate the plug of a lock in the direction that unlocks it.

A tool used to remove broken or stuck keys from a lock cylinder

Key Extractor
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