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What Is A Deadbolt Lock and The Common Types

The type of lock you select is one of the most important things to think about when it comes to maintaining your home’s safety and security. Many homeowners like deadbolt locks because they work well in preventing unauthorized persons from gaining entrance into their homes. In this article, we will explore what a deadbolt lock is and discuss how it makes a home more secure. Know the fundamentals of deadbolt locks below;

  • Common Types
  • Advantages
  • Things To Consider When Choosing a Deadbolt Lock
  • Hiring a Professional Locksmith
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips
  • Other Home Security Ideas

What is a Deadbolt Lock?

A deadbolt lock is a type of lock that provides an extra layer of security to your door. Unlike traditional locks, which can be easily picked or forced open, a deadbolt lock is designed to resist tampering and unauthorized entry. It consists of a solid metal bolt that extends into the door frame, making it extremely difficult for intruders to break in. Deadbolt locks are often installed on external doors, such as front doors and back doors, but can also be used on interior doors for added security.

How Does a Deadbolt Lock Work?

Although simple, yet effective, the mechanism of deadbolt locks works somehow better than others do. If you turn the key or spin the thumb inside the door, then the bolt will project into the strike plate located on that particular frame of your door. That creates an unbreakable connection between both sides: a door and its frame so that someone who does not have the right key would hardly manage to break it down forcing it open by means other than keys themselves. 

The bolt itself is normally made out of hardened steel which allows it to withstand the force applied against it while trying to intrude into somebody’s premises forcefully without authority over them; hence making them last longer compared to other brands available in the market today have been known thus far due their quality construction features and materials employed during manufacture; some may even feature anti-drilling plates as well saw resistant bolts thereby enhancing burglary resistance further still.

Types of Deadbolt Locks

The market has several different kinds of deadbolt locks, each with its unique features and benefits. The most common types include single-cylinder deadbolts, double-cylinder deadbolts, and keyless deadbolts.

Single-cylinder Deadbolts

This is a popular choice among homeowners. They have a key cylinder on the outside of the door and a thumb turn on the inside. These make it easy for you to lock or unlock your door from both sides, which is very convenient. However, please take note that if there is any window close to such a door, it compromises its safety as somebody might just break glass to get access into an unlocked room.

single cylinder deadbolt

Double-cylinder Deadbolts

They require keys to lock/unlock them from either side of an entrance respectively. When used together, these devices provide greater security because although an intruder could smash through windows there would still be no way he/she can open doors without proper keys. Nevertheless, remember that double cylinder deadbolt may not always be suitable considering chances when one has to rush out quickly during emergencies.

double cylinder deadbolt

Keyless Deadbolts

Traditional deadbolt locks have a more modern and convenient alternative. Unlike using a key, this one depends on a numeric keypad or a fingerprint scanner to enable the unlocking of the door. One could then avoid moving around with keys hence reducing theft incidents and for extra security purposes. They are also programmable so that you can easily change the entry code or fingerprint access.

Advantages of Using Deadbolt Locks

 When it comes to home security, using a deadbolt lock has several benefits. The main ones are as follows:

Increased burglar-proofing

Deadbolts are much harder to pick or force open than regular locks. Thanks to its solid metal bolt which goes deep into the door frame, an intruder will stand little chance of bypassing this lock.

Deters potential burglars

Even when it is apparent enough that there aren’t any people inside your house, visible deadbolts function as deterrents from burglary activities. When burglars see this type of lock they simply understand that your property is well protected and thus less likely to be their target.

Peace of mind

Knowing that there is a deadbolt lock securing your house makes you feel relaxed especially when you are not around or sleeping. It helps one sleep well at night knowing that their loved ones and possessions are safe from harm.

Insurance incentives

There may be some insurance companies that give discounts on homeowner’s insurance premiums if there is installation of deadbolts in homes. You will find out eventually that installing such can save you lots of money in terms of insurance policy costs.


Deadbolts come in different sizes and designs to suit various types of doors as well as home decor. Therefore, whether your door is made from glass, metal, or wood, there exists an appropriate deadbolt lock for it.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Deadbolt Lock

There are several things you need to keep in mind when picking a deadbolt lock for your house to ensure you choose the right one:

Security ratings

Go for deadbolts that have been tested and certified by reputable security agencies. These locks have undergone rigorous testing to ensure their effectiveness in preventing break-ins.

Sizing and Compatibility

Ascertain the thickness of your door to get a deadbolt lock that is appropriate for its size. Moreover, consider what kind of door material it is made from (wood, metal, etc.), and get a fitting lock.

Installation options

Some deadbolt locks require professional installation while others can be easily installed as DIY projects. Think about your skill level and decide if you need to hire a locksmith for installation.
Additional features

Several deadbolts come with extra funk like keyless entry, remote access, or integration into home security systems. Assess these options against your security needs & tastes.


There is a wide range of prices at which you can buy deadbolts. Thus set a budget and buy the one that will give you maximum safety within this limit.

Engaging A Professional Locksmith For Deadbolt Lock Installation

 While some deadbolt locks can be a DIY, it is advised to hire a professional locksmith who will ensure that your lock is properly installed. This expert in locks has the required skills, knowledge, and tools to make sure that the deadbolt lock is well-fitted and safe. They also offer advice on the right kind of deadbolt locks for you. Moreover, they may help identify and fix problems that may arise around the time of installation hence assuring a smooth usage of your deathbolt lock.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting a Deadbolt Lock

Regular maintenance is critical to maintaining the efficacy as well as longevity of your deadbolt lock. Here are Some Tips for Maintaining and Troubleshooting Your Deadbolt Lock:

Lubricate The Lock

A slight amount of graphite or silicone spray lubricant should be applied to the mechanism to make it operate smoothly. Avoid using oil-based lubes as these tend to attract dirt.

Clean The Strike Plate

Using a soft cloth or brush clean the strike plate located at the door frame removing any dust, dirt, or debris that may impair the proper functioning of the lock.

Check For Loose Screws

Periodically check the screws on the lock and strike plate. Make sure that all loose screws are fastened securely.

Test The Lock

Test your deadbolt periodically to ensure its functionality. Insert the key or turn the thumb screw within the cylinder to unlock/lock the door; if there’s a stiffness feeling – call for professional help from a locksmith.

Other Home Security Ideas

Deadbolts are an excellent security measure but should not be entrusted alone with securing your home. Here are some other ways you can improve your home security:

Install Surveillance Cameras

You need surveillance cameras around your house so burglars think twice before breaking into them, it could provide solid evidence against such people if anything goes wrong. Place cameras strategically in places like entry points and areas where they can be easily seen.

Use Motion Sensor Lights

Put up motion sensor lights all over the outside of your home. These lights will automatically turn on whenever someone is around and this can discourage thieves and alert you to any abnormal behavior.

Reinforce Your Doors and Windows

Make sure all doors and windows are made from strong materials, they should be reinforced as well. You may also want to invest in shatter-proof window film for added protection.

Install an Alarm System

An alarm system can add another level of security by notifying you and law enforcement if there is a break-in. Whether it is a professionally monitored system or do-it-yourself, choose one that suits your needs.

Secure Your Garage Doors

Remember to secure your garage too. Consider installing a deadbolt lock or using padlocks on the garage door, and possibly even set up a monitoring system or have cameras watching that entryway.


In this regard, home security is of paramount importance. This makes it an effective deterrent for potential intruders due to its unyielding structure and resistance to tampering. Understanding the basics of deadbolt locks and considering the factors discussed in this article will help you choose the right lock for your home. Do not forget to get a professional locksmith who can install and maintain it properly. It is also important to take other measures that will further improve your house’s safety.

A well-secured home gives you peace of mind knowing that everything you have there, including your loved ones is safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the main function of a deadbolt lock?

The primary aim of a deadbolt lock is to provide additional security to a door. Unlike conventional locks which can be easily picked or forced open, a deadbolt lock cannot be tampered with thus blocking unauthorized entry.

2. Can I put in place my deadbolt lock?

While some kinds could be done as do-it-yourself projects; it’s usually better to hire professional locksmiths for installation services. They know what they are doing and come along with the necessary tools hence guaranteeing correct and safe fixing of the bolt.

3. Are there different types of bolts available?

There are various types including keyless bolts, single-cylinder bolts, and double-cylinder bolts among others. Each one has its special features plus advantages.

4. How do I care for my bolt?

To care for your bolt use graphite/lubricant spray regularly to lubricate the locking mechanism, clean the strike plate on the doorway frame, check for any loose screws on the door’s side, and test the latch to ensure proper working at all times.

5. What other measures should I consider in securing my residence?

Furthermore, beyond just having deadbolts; they may also put their homes under surveillance by employing motion-sensing lights; reinforcing doors as well as windows against possible invasion by burglars; having door alarms and finally guaranteeing the safety of their garages.

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