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Why Would You Need A Duplicate Car Key?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you misplaced or lost your car key? It can be a frustrating experience, especially if you’re in a hurry or far away from home. That’s why having a duplicate car key can be a lifesaver. In this article, we will explore the reasons why you might need to duplicate your car key and the various ways to acquire one.

Can you duplicate a car key?

Yes, it is possible to get another copy of your car keys. Typically, they are constructed using metal and plastic materials which have unique grooves and cuts that match those of your vehicle’s lock system. Duplicating involves creating an identical twin copy of the original with all its grooves and cuts too hence becoming suitable for fitting into the car lock system as well as starting the engine automatically.

How to get a duplicate car key made

There are several options available if you find yourself needing a spare key for your car. One possibility is going to see a professional locksmith who makes copies for other people all day long. Locksmiths know how to make exact duplicates of keys needed by their clients’ cars using specific equipment meant for such jobs; they can even program transponder keys that remotely unlock or start up cars.

On the other hand, one may opt to visit their nearest motorcar dealer. Normally, most dealerships have the right machines and knowledge about making similar-looking replicas of automobile keys thus they could offer these services at higher prices than what local locksmiths charge; just like any other important legal document required by them including proof of ownership, etc., before anything else.

Where can I get a duplicate car key made?

If you are still wondering where one may go to obtain a copy auto key then there are some alternatives open on the table. As was already said beforehand, professional locksmiths serve as good options here while duplicating new ones takes a short time.

Alternatively, you can consider visiting car dealers who mostly have all the equipment required for making a duplicate key. Remember, however, this option is relatively more costly than going to a locksmith even though it requires evidence that you are truly the owner and proper identification before they make any duplications.

Professional car key duplication services

When it comes to getting car keys remade, it’s advisable to reach out to professional duplication service providers. Such establishments specialize in crafting faithful duplicates of numerous car types and makes. Having experience and being equipped with tools implies they will ensure your spare keys stay perfectly fit into the lock cylinder without any hitch.

On top of that, these specialists in duplicate car keys may be able to embark on other related services such as transponder key programming or fob fabrication. Essentially, their technology ranges from existing cars up to models from this century onwards.

How much does it cost to duplicate a car key?

Various aspects determine how much money one would spend when making duplicates of their car’s keys depending on what type they prefer. The price can be influenced by several factors such as what kind of key it is, how intricate its design appears to be, and where one lives among others too. For instance, approximately 50-100 bucks should cover everything when making an ordinary model for your automobile in most cases.

But if your car key has extra features like a transponder chip or key fob, the cost can be higher. This is because it means that transponder keys would have to be programmed thus increasing the overall cost. Key fobs, which provide an alternative method of unlocking and starting the vehicle, may also be more expensive to copy.

However, it is important to note that duplicating a car key at a dealership can be more costly when compared to a locksmith or hardware store. Therefore, it is worth taking some time for you to compare prices from different service providers to get the best deal.

How to make a duplicate car key yourself

If you are brave enough and want to save some money, you can try making a duplicate car key yourself. However, experts do not recommend doing this unless you have prior experience and tools. Duplicating the original will require expertise while cutting it well.

For you to make a duplicate car key all by yourself you will need an original-looking blank key that matches your original one-on-one basis, a cutting machine for making keys, and equipment used in the measurement and cutting of the keys accurately. It’s vital that while using these machines one follows the manufacturer’s instructions and safety procedures put in place.

Tips for making a duplicate car key

If opting for either way of creating duplicate car keys at home here are a few things always:

Take your time

Cutting needs accuracy and carefulness. If done hurriedly faulty duplicates might come up.

Measure carefully

Carefully record measurements from grooves and cuts from the old models of your existing keys using a caliper or ruler ensuring accuracy while transferring them onto new ones.

Test the duplicate key

Try testing how well this copied item rotates freely once positioned into the hole of the lock system inside your ride after completing its cuttings adjustments during the programming process if it is not functioning properly.

Common mistakes to avoid when duplicating a car key

Avoiding some common mistakes when duplicating a car key is important because it reduces the chances of making a bad duplicate key. The following are some examples of what to avoid:

Wrong measurements

Accuracy is essential when making a new copy of an original car key. Before cutting the key, confirm your measurements once again.

Using the wrong key blank

Every type of auto has its unique shape and design. Selecting the incorrect blank would lead to an ill-fitting or non-functioning ignition key.

Skipping the testing phase

You must test your newly cut vehicle keys before saying they’re ready for use. This will ensure correct operations by ensuring the keys fit into the locks well.


Having a spare car key can save you from getting stuck in unpleasant situations such as losing or misplacing your original one. You can choose to go to professional locksmiths, car dealerships, or do-it-yourself methods among others to get another copy made for you. This may depend on what budgetary constraints you have as well as how complicated your lock system is and convenience matter matters too in this case. You will always be assured since you have backup means during emergencies with that extra set of keys in your possession.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to duplicate a car key?

The duplication process of a car key varies with the complexity of the key and the service provider, which can take a few minutes or two hours.

2. Can a locksmith make a duplicate car key without the original?

Most locksmiths will require that you have the original key for them to duplicate it. However, some locksmiths could produce a copy using your car’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or by other means.

3. Can I use a duplicate car key if I lost the original?

When one loses their original key they may still use another copy as its replacement. Nonetheless, it is important to take certain measures such as reprogramming keys or changing locks so that your vehicle remains safe from theft.

4. Can I duplicate a car key with a chip?

A transponder key also known as a car key with an electronic chip can be more intricate when duplicating it. Acquiring a copy of this type often requires specialized instruments and programming to produce an accurate duplicated secret.

5. Is it cheaper to get a car key made at a hardware store?

Hardware stores may offer cheaper car keys than locksmiths and dealerships. However, it’s crucial to ensure they have the necessary equipment and expertise for precise key production.

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